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I'm to lazy for my journal, to lazy for my journal - Pancakes After Midnight

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July 25th, 2010

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11:56 pm - I'm to lazy for my journal, to lazy for my journal
So I'm off to Europe!  I'm meeting Avi in Prague, and we are gonna have madcap adventures, the likes of which have never been seen before.  Also we'll go to museums.  

It's pretty pathetic of me not to have posted lately I think.  It got to the point where I would go, "Man I should write something...except it's been so long I'm ashamed to show my face on the internet."  Which is dumb, because the whole internet doesn't have time to judge me when there are so many other more interesting people for them to flip out about.  Did you hear Lindsey Lohan is in prison?

Lis came up for the weekend and we went to a game design contest to judge some prospective games from designers trying to get published by Rio Grande.  Then we saw Inception, and do you know who is suprisingly hot? This guy. This guy really hotted up the screen.  Also? The movie was fucking awesome, all hotness aside.  Everyone knows I love a good caper film, and this was a caper science fiction.  That just broke the awesomeness meter for me.  Loved it. 
Then today we went to Castro, walked around, gawked at some kittens for sale and then I came home and fucking stepped on broken glass because I am so damn awesome.  And not bitter at all.  

The glass was a piece of a lightbulb that burst--or I should say ONE of the lightbulbs that burst--when I tried to screw it in to my light fixture.  The fixture needs to be replaced, and my landlord's response to this is to install another outlet.  So I can use more lamps. Even though I told him (nicely, even though I didn't want to be) that lamps aren't good enough. Long story sort, I'm sitting in the dark with my foot elevated while I should be packing.

In other news, two more books I've worked on for Tachyon are out:

The Third Bear is a short story collection by Jeff Vandermeer.  Most of the stories have appeared in other places--magazines or anthologies--but two of them are original to this collection,

The Very Best of Charles de Lint is another short story collection.  There are no originals, but this book contains a most of the big fan favorites in one book, where you'd have to buy quite a few of his previous collections to get everything that's in this one book.  

I suppose I'd best be back to prepping for europe now, so if you'll excuse me, I have to go figure out how to pack light.  

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Date:July 26th, 2010 04:16 pm (UTC)
"Did you hear Lindsey Lohan is in prison?"


Oh shit, is your foot okay?

I realize now that there's a bunch of things I ought to have discussed with you before you got on a plane, like do you know what time on Tuesday to meet me after my class? Where is your hostel? When, if ever, are you going to come up to the dorm so I can be there to meet you? GAAAAAAAH. There are possibly more questions, my head is swimming with crazy right now.

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