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This is what I talk about with your brother, Lissy! - Pancakes After Midnight

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April 29th, 2010

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11:48 pm - This is what I talk about with your brother, Lissy!
so it started with this post on failblog and degenerated from there:

Jadesfire chan (7:22:27 PM): does that say "ball stretcher"?
Viraus (7:23:47 PM): fuuuuuuck
Viraus (7:23:56 PM): I'm jealous of these people
Jadesfire chan (7:24:04 PM): the people with the ball stretcher?
Jadesfire chan (7:24:10 PM): did you want your own ball stretcher?
Viraus (7:24:10 PM): With their buicks and their buttplugs and smiley faces and preparation H
Jadesfire chan (7:24:15 PM): because I'm sure you can get one
Viraus (7:24:23 PM): I'm just saying they have an interesting lifestyle
Jadesfire chan (7:24:32 PM): THEY HAVE A BALL STRETCHER
Jadesfire chan (7:24:36 PM): I DONT KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS
Jadesfire chan (7:24:42 PM): I DONT HAVE BALLS
Jadesfire chan (7:24:46 PM): BUT IT DOESNT SOULD GOOD
Jadesfire chan (7:24:51 PM): *sound
Viraus (7:25:03 PM): Well yes, as a proud owner I can assure you that stretching isn't really a goal here
Viraus (7:25:14 PM): So I don't know what that's about....
Viraus (7:25:40 PM): this is totally brilliant
Viraus (7:25:47 PM): It leaves so much mystery
Jadesfire chan (7:25:56 PM): I kinda wanna google it, but I also really dont
Viraus (7:26:29 PM): AAAAUGH NOOOOOO
Viraus (7:26:33 PM): WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT
Jadesfire chan (7:26:38 PM): i didnt
Viraus (7:26:47 PM): No I mean the people using ball stretchers
Jadesfire chan (7:26:52 PM): DID YOU GOOGLE IT?
Viraus (7:26:53 PM): It doesn't look healthy
Viraus (7:26:57 PM): mmhmmm
Jadesfire chan (7:27:02 PM): D:
Jadesfire chan (7:27:12 PM): do they...stay stretched?
Viraus (7:27:46 PM): Well it's the scrotum that's actually stretched, not the balls themselves
Jadesfire chan (7:27:54 PM): what, so they hang lower?
Viraus (7:27:56 PM): But no I don't think it would be permanent
Viraus (7:28:00 PM): Temporarily, yeah
Jadesfire chan (7:28:03 PM): because that'll happen on its own as you age
Viraus (7:28:10 PM): heh
Viraus (7:28:15 PM): or they're just kinda squeezed
Jadesfire chan (7:28:19 PM): my understanding is its not a fun
Viraus (7:28:35 PM): I guess for some people it is?
Jadesfire chan (7:28:35 PM): like, I wouldnt buy a product that yanked my boobs down
Viraus (7:28:54 PM): I really don't think that's an apt comparison....
Jadesfire chan (7:29:04 PM): well I dont know
Jadesfire chan (7:29:07 PM): they both hang
Viraus (7:29:53 PM): Well "Labia Stretching" is in wikipedia's related links
Jadesfire chan (7:30:01 PM): whyyyyyyy
Jadesfire chan (7:30:10 PM): what would be the point of that?
Viraus (7:30:15 PM): 8[
Viraus (7:30:26 PM): It is performed for sexual enhancement of both partners, aesthetics, symmetry and gratification.
Viraus (7:31:04 PM): Don't search wikipedia for "elongated labia"
Viraus (7:31:07 PM): just.....trust me on this one
Viraus (7:31:29 PM): *gets eyebleach*
Jadesfire chan (7:32:15 PM): how is having a longer labia a good thing?
Viraus (7:32:20 PM): Yeah I was hoping you would tell me that
Jadesfire chan (7:32:23 PM): are there people who go, gee, I wish my labia were longer
Viraus (7:32:24 PM): Not really in my territory
Jadesfire chan (7:32:36 PM): I have no idea, its not like I've compared my labia
Viraus (7:32:50 PM): hahaha
Jadesfire chan (7:32:57 PM): I dont think it matters
Jadesfire chan (7:33:00 PM): I mean, what?
Viraus (7:33:05 PM): Sorry, just a pretty hilarious Sorority girl sleepover image there
Viraus (7:34:02 PM): hmmm up to about four inches apparently
Viraus (7:34:09 PM): can we talk about something else?
Viraus (7:34:11 PM): I like gin!
Jadesfire chan (7:37:12 PM): I think this would be an awkward bedroom thing
Jadesfire chan (7:37:27 PM): like, you meet some new guy and then its like WTF IS UP WITH YOUR LABIA
Viraus (7:37:35 PM): Yes. I would ask this.
Viraus (7:37:45 PM): and then I'd run far away
Jadesfire chan (7:40:24 PM): I think they'd get in the way
Jadesfire chan (7:40:32 PM): it seems like they would
Viraus (7:41:17 PM): ughghghghg
Viraus (7:41:30 PM): Well, I feel a lot better about being single now :P
Jadesfire chan (7:41:45 PM): yeah Bill, theres a world of huge labia out there
Viraus (7:42:12 PM): D:

Update! (via airie_fairy )

Billy: I find it hilarious that Liz uploaded the now-infamous Labia discourse
Airie: =D Airie: i enjoyed it greatly
Airie: or not at all
Airie: probably both simultaneously, really
Billy: Shroedinger's Labia?
Airie: schroedinger's pussy
Airie: it could indeed go either way
Billy: HAHAHAHA Billy: Ok, that was well played
Airie: =D
Billy: Can we upload this too?
Billy: I think it's a good companion piece

So, in closing,


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Date:April 30th, 2010 02:45 pm (UTC)
Ooh, I'd missed the rest of the conversation last night! And he went away when I asked him what he thought about labias, or...something, I can't remember my exact words.

It's funny you should include that strip, actually, because it's been a few years now since I read it and I cannot hear the word labia without that strip coming to mind.
[User Picture]
Date:April 30th, 2010 08:25 pm (UTC)
[User Picture]
Date:April 30th, 2010 08:50 pm (UTC)
I don't know why this conversation happened. All I know that once it did, it was amazing. Or traumatic. Yeah, traumatic.

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